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GMinutes Accepted into the Google App Market

From the Official Google Blog: We’re excited to announce the launch of 10 new apps in the Google Apps Marketplace today, joining the more than 150 installable apps made available to Google Apps domains in the Marketplace since March. Instead of spending today patching operating systems, we invite Google Apps users to explore these new […]

Progress Toward the Paperless Office

From Green Tech Media The paperless office is the classic example of something that hasn’t yet occurred despite being just around the corner for decades. But by combining it with search capabilities, PaperlessUSA says it is making progress toward this ever-elusive goal. “My focus was not on building a software application, but on giving users […]

GMinutes – Green, Paperless, and Effective

GMinutes is just the beginning of the new wave of Web 2.0 cloud computing applications. GMinutes will allow users to turn their organization/business/group into a virtually paperless enterprise. Exciting.

Paperless 101: Ethics and Post-Paper

Paperless 101 is a one-hour, audiovisual, self-study CLE course that discusses the practical and ethical reasons why a lawyer should begin to manage documents digitally rather than with paper files, folders and cabinets. It also introduces the basic principles of digital document management, and digital information management. I found this to be a very informative […]

The Complete Guide to Going Paperless

From the Complete Guide to Going Paperless You already pay your bills online and get electronic statements, but there are even more ways you can stop killing innocent trees and wasting time and money dealing with paper. It’s time we went paperless. Reduce Unnecessary Postal Mail Junk mail and catalogs are two of the biggest […]

An incident at work

Today in the paper filled office I work at, one of my coworkers accidentally printed out 100 extra pages without realizing it. Now, I, as someone who is obsessed with trying to get our office to cut back on paper usage felt horrified by the extreme paper wastage. Nonetheless, I realize it was an accident […]

Imagine a World without Paper…

Wiki How – Go Paperless

Wiki How has a guide on how to go paperless. Its pretty good – use it. Recycle! Don’t create extra waste by leaving your newspaper behind you on the bus or train; take it home or to the first paper recycling box along your way.Avoid using paper towels and napkins; opt for washable cloth towels […]

Excellent article on creating a Greener Office

Planet Green has published an excellent article on creating a greener office and working environment. Of course we couldn’t ignore rule #3: Don’t Be a Paper Pusher When buying printer paper, look for recycled paper with a high percentage of post-consumer content and the minimum of chlorine bleaching. Even recycled paper gobbles up a great […]

If you can’t go completely paperless…

Even though you should be going paperless, there are still some things you can do to save paper. From Tips for a Greener Office: Choose stationery, office and publication papers and office paper supplies that have the maximum post-consumer content available, and no less than 20%. Choose papers that are the lightest weight possible, not […]