An incident at work

Today in the paper filled office I work at, one of my coworkers accidentally printed out 100 extra pages without realizing it.

Now, I, as someone who is obsessed with trying to get our office to cut back on paper usage felt horrified by the extreme paper wastage. Nonetheless, I realize it was an accident on behalf of my coworker.

However, another coworker saw what had transpired and got on the case of the “paper waster,” to the point where I felt like any guilt my coworker may have felt for wasting so much paper was instead turned into something else.

I realize that we have to be hard on our coworkers and on our offices to go greener, but we have to also understand that you don’t have to be a self righteous jerk to make the same impact.

Going green isn’t about berating people but about helping the planet, and the best way to do that is to ensure that first ourselves are going green and then helping those around us in a kind manner go green.

There is no need to berate or become “smug” over the issue of going “green.”


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