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Progress Toward the Paperless Office

From Green Tech Media The paperless office is the classic example of something that hasn’t yet occurred despite being just around the corner for decades. But by combining it with search capabilities, PaperlessUSA says it is making progress toward this ever-elusive goal. “My focus was not on building a software application, but on giving users […]

Wave-powered desalination pump permitted in Gulf

From CNET: The waters of the Gulf of Mexico will see a novel offshore platform later this year, one that will use wave power to desalinate water. Independent Natural Resources, which makes the Seadog water pump, on Wednesday said that it has received a permit for a wave power generation facility off the coast of […]

More Solar Power Love

Victor Valley College and SolFocus celebrated the opening of the new solar power plant on the college campus.  The solar installation deploys concentrator photovoltaics (CPV) and is sized to generate one megawatt of solar power for Victor Valley College in California.  … …   “The Victor Valley College solar micro-generating facility is now connected to the regional electrical […]

And the 9 Wackiest Ideas for Alternative Energy

From the Huffington Post: Of course, you know about wind farms and solar power, right? But did you know that we can generate electricity from our human sewage waste? How about by creating tornadoes? Others have made dance floors that generate electricity for their nightclubs and genetically engineered bugs that actually poop out crude oil! […]

There are less toxic oil dispersants that can be used in the Gulf Oil Spill

From CNET: There are less toxic alternatives to the oil dispersants being used by BP in the Gulf oil spill but there is not enough product available, according to a White House official. In morning talk shows on Tuesday, Carol Browner, the president’s adviser on energy, said the EPA is seeking to determine the quantities […]

U.S. Patent Office loosens rules for green tech

From CNET: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is trying to cast a wider net to catch more green-technology inventions. The patent office announced Friday that it has changed the application process to attract more green technologies into an accelerated patent-review program. The Green Technology Pilot program was created in December to encourage more inventors […]

U.S. could fall behind China in clean energy: Locke

The United States could fall behind China and other countries in clean-energy technology unless Congress passes energy legislation, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said on Saturday. Many U.S. investors were reluctant to plough money into big solar, wind, and other clean-energy sectors until they knew what technologies the U.S. government policy was going to favor, […]

Window doubles as solar panel

From ZDNet: New technology from Pythagoras Solar has resulted in the development of what the company is calling the industry’s “first energy efficient, transparent and high power-density photovoltaic glass unit. The new product could show up in curtain walls (like the one shown below), skylights or windows by the second half of 2010. The company […]

Japanese Create Automobile from Bamboo

The three-wheeled Meguru (Japanese for “to move”) is more of an auto rickshaw than a car, and it’s designed for use as a taxi. A driver sits in front, and one or two passengers sit in back on a couch. Developed mainly by metalworking firm Yodogawa and blade maker Kinki Knives Industries in Osaka, the […]

Germanys First Offshore Windfarm Commisioned

04/30/2010 – The German Federal Minister for Environment Norbert Rottgen has officially opened the Germany’s first offshore wind park, Alpha Ventus, situated in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), in the North Sea 45 km north of the island of Borkum. The company Dr. Müller GmbH stresses the importance of this innovative wind park located in […]